One Stop Family Massage
GO! Massage & Spa

Situated in the heart of Nagoya, Batam and just 5 minutes away from Harbourbay ferry terminal, Nagoya Hill Mall and BCS Mall. GO! Massage provide an easy and convenience for fellow traveller who wish to indulge in ultimate pampering.

GO! Massage positive reputation is built on the consistent delivery of high standard massage and beauty treatments to guest that come back day after day year after year. GO! Massage successfully blends the concept of modern day wellness with premium customer service and traditional Indonesian healing techniques. Come and get pampered in the beautiful, relaxing atmosphere of GO! Massage.


A standard oil -based full-body massage from toe to head that involves deep thumb pressures pushing, pressing and circling along and around the body to relieve muscle tension


A full-body massage that involves passive stretching of entire body . Thai massage include pulling fingers and toes , cracking knuckles and stepping on the back.


A perfect combines the techniques of  Traditional massage and Thai massage.

+62 778 421973 | +62 853 6562 0536 | Komplek Nagoya Centre Block B no. 1-3, Jodoh, Riau Islands Province 29462, Indonesia